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Since 1967, Carrol Juven has escorted tours throughout the world, including 174 trips throughout scenic Norway.  He has personally escorted over 49,000 persons on tour in 98 countries on five continents.  In 2015 he received from the King of Norway the coveted St. Olav Medal for his dedicated work for Norway and USA Relations. His knowledge, experience, infectious humor and attention to detail have earned him a loyal tour following.

Since 1972, he has escorted and arranged concert schedules for over 684 groups involving 23,000 persons from Norway to USA. Join him and other experienced travelers on the most luxurious tours throughout scenic Norway.  

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Jayne and I could not have celebrated out 50th wedding anniversary in any better way than joining your tour through Norway.   We especially appreciated your attention to fine detail in the history and culture aspects of this beautiful country.  Every day was better than the day before.  We really enjoyed the couple in Manger with their sweet spirit Christian and missions to Moldova.   Dan was right to steer us in your direction.


It was the trip of a lifetime for me and was especially neat to travel with my sisters. We enjoyed all the wonderful people on the tour and still keep in touch with many of them. Thanks for all your hard work, Carrol.

Joanne H. ~ West Hope, ND

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