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  • Norway & The Land of the Midnight Sun
    From June 15 to June 30, 2019
  • Norway Luxury Tour I
    From June 17 to June 30, 2019
  • Norway Luxury Tour III
    From July 05 to July 18, 2019

Amazing tours to and from Scandinavia.

We don't just tour Norway, we meet the people!

Since 1967, Carrol Juven has escorted tours throughout the world, including 174 trips throughout scenic Norway.  He has personally escorted over 49,000 persons on tour in 98 countries on five continents.  In 2015 he received from the King of Norway the coveted St. Olav Medal for his dedicated work for Norway and USA Relations. His knowledge, experience, infectious humor and attention to detail have earned him a loyal tour following.
Since 1972, he has escorted and arranged concert schedules for over 684 groups involving 23,000 persons from Norway to USA. Join him and other experienced travelers on the most luxurious tours throughout scenic Norway. 
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 Dan and I will need a l-o-n-g dinner together reliving all the great time we enjoyed being led by the  pre-eminent tour guide to Norway!


 Thank you so much for a wonderful trip to Norway.  It has been my dream to go to the country of my ancestors and to actually get there and meet family I never knew I had was something I will never forget.  To share that experience with my husband and daughter was extra special.

What made this tour even more memorable was having you as our host.  Your knowledge of the beautiful county was absolutely awesome.  We were so lucky to meet you and experience this trip with you.  Accompanying so many nice people made this trip so much fun.

Thank you, Carrol, for providing such a wonderful service.  We will treasure this trip forever in our memories.


Shirley, Richard and Kristi

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