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  • Scandinavia Tour - 2021 (Sorry, this tour has been cancelled)
    From May 09 to May 22, 2021
  • Norsk Hostfest Norway Tour - 2021 (Sorry, this tour has been cancelled.)
    From May 24 to June 06, 2021
  • Norway Luxury Tour I - 2021 (Sorry, this tour is cancelled.)
    From May 31 to June 13, 2021

Please Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions in some of the countries in which we plan International tours to visit, some of our tours have been cancelled. We look forward to booking those tours in the near future.

Amazing tours to and from Scandinavia.

We don't just tour Norway, we meet the people!

Since 1967, Carrol Juven has escorted tours throughout the world, including 174 trips throughout scenic Norway.  He has personally escorted over 49,000 persons on tour in 98 countries on five continents.  In 2015 he received from the King of Norway the coveted St. Olav Medal for his dedicated work for Norway and USA Relations. His knowledge, experience, infectious humor and attention to detail have earned him a loyal tour following.

Since 1972, he has escorted and arranged concert schedules for over 684 groups involving 23,000 persons from Norway to USA. Join him and other experienced travelers on the most luxurious tours throughout scenic Norway.  

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The forty two members of the Alster Folkedanslag from Karlstad, Sweden wish to thank you and your staff for a well managed click free 14 day concert tour in the USA.

Trygve F. ~ Karlstad, Sweden

Hi, Just a note to let you know we had a excellent trip.  Just beginning to

get caught up once again on sleep etc. and back to normal.  Everything went
like clock work.  Carrol, you said the trip would be an exotic trip and that
is exactly what it was.  Thank you Rita and Carrol.

Norman and Patty

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