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Since 1967, Carrol Juven has escorted tours throughout the world, including 174 trips throughout scenic Norway.  He has personally escorted over 49,000 persons on tour in 98 countries on five continents.  In 2015 he received from the King of Norway the coveted St. Olav Medal for his dedicated work for Norway and USA Relations. His knowledge, experience, infectious humor and attention to detail have earned him a loyal tour following.

Since 1972, he has escorted and arranged concert schedules for over 684 groups involving 23,000 persons from Norway to USA. Join him and other experienced travelers on the most luxurious tours throughout scenic Norway.  

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 You really gave us the “Best of Norway”!  We both appreciate your dedication to the tour to make this tour special.


 Dear Carrol,

Thank you for your kind e-mail and thank you so much for all the work and enthusiasm you laid down to make our tour the Mid-West such a fantastic and memorable tour for everybody.    
Both during the days we were travelling and now after we are back home here in Vossestrand I have heard nothing but very good words about the tour and the way our tour was organized and put together.  
So thank you so very much for what you did to make this tour such a fantastic success for us 3 in the organizing committee and for the whole group.  
Before we travelled I told everybody that “ I have known Carrol Juven for many years, both professionally and personally, and I know that we are in the absolutely best hands from the minute we arrive in the US to the minute we leave the US “ .  Now back  home I know that everybody on the tour say “ You were right about what you said about Carrol Juven – we were in the absolutely best hands“ .         
Between the many highlights on the tour I know that many really loved and really appreciated the visit at Paul Andersons place – we could all feel the warm welcome we received when we arrived and the sparkling enthusiasm Mr, and Mrs Anderson had showing us around on the farm.   And for all us farm boys on the tour both the tractor collection at Paul Anderson’s and the tractor collection at the Haarstad farm was a highlight.   
For me and I know for many other of us  another highlight was the visit to the Haarstad farm and meeting Mike and  Linda Haarstad – to see a real American farm was very interesting and you probably noticed that a lot us were gathering around Mike listening to him talking about farm life, his machines and how it is to be a farmer in America today.  
In other words – both farm visits were a great success so please let both Mr & Mrs Anderson and Mr & Mrs Haarstad know that the whole group really appreciated the warm welcome we received and the great enthusiasm with which they showed us their farms.
The visit to St Olav and to Luther College I can safely say was a success and definitely contributed much to making our tour so special and memorable.  The lectures were very interesting and informative and just seeing and being and walking around at a beautiful campus like the St. Olav campus or at Luther College campus was for many a new experience that they talked about long time after – and I think that close to everybody bought a cap or a T-shirt from St. Olav.  
As you know I was a little bit worried that 2 ½ day in Minot and at Norsk Høstfest would be a little bit much, but it turned out to be just perfect.   The opening lunch and the formal first night dinner was also a highlight for many in the group, and is something they  will remember for a many years to come,  
And of course everybody loved the dinner at the Sons of Norway Lodge in Fargo – an absolute highlight, and only yesterday I met one of the ladies on the tour in the grocery store and she immediately started talking about how much she loved the dinner and the atmosphere at the Sons  of Norway Lodge in Fargo.
As a special thanks from everybody to Luther for being so much more to us than just a fantastic bus driver, and to Trond for his wide knowledge that he willingly sheared with us, but also for his ability to tune in the group and feel when and what we wanted to hear about at different times.  
So thank you very much for putting together such great tour for us - a diversity of impressions and experiences coming together to a perfect tour.  
Excellent job !

Voss Group ~ Norway

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